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Owner/CEO - John R. Glover, Jr.


Please meet NuWAY Batteries Illustrious Leader, John R. Glover, Jr. Our wonderful Leader is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, who spent over 30 years assisting with the opening and managing of different companies, that is until 2016 when he decided to venture out on his own… thus NuWAY Battery, Inc. was formed.

John works diligently to keep our merchandise stocked, our prices low, and below the competition while offering warranties that are usually unheard of in this industry.

Always thinking of the working-class man, in 2017 John formed our transportation division, Rolling Thunder Logistics, Inc. This concept was built with the idea that if we managed our own fleet we could continue to maintain our everyday low prices and be a sensible resource in the community.

With John’s sensible philanthropic endeavors, it's awesome to see his, “WildSide”… with that said, meet, THUNDER, John's sweet, rockin’ race car. Can you imagine the batteries it takes to run this baby???


You can’t work this hard (or shouldn’t) without having something that represents that hard work. In the famous words of Wiz Khalifa, Work-Hard, Play-Hard :-)

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