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Can I Recycle My old batteries with NuWay?

YES! Once you're set up with the perfect replacement battery, it's time to find a home for the old one. At NuWay Battery, we will dispose of your used batteries safely through the use of EPA-regulated recycling standards. Whether you need to get rid of one battery or multiple, our recycling program provides a variety of options for your personal and commercial needs.

Can I Sell Batteries to
NuWay Battery?

Bring it to us! We pay top dollar for your old auto batteries. Start your environmental clean-up with local, NuWay Battery professionals who will dispose of your used batteries safely through recycling and reusing the valuable components. 

Is my Vehicle Showing the 3 Signs of a Dying Battery?

Signs of impending failure include:

  1. The engine cranks slowly when the ignition key is turned.

  2. The headlights dim when the vehicle idles.

  3. The battery warning light appears on your vehicle’s instrument panel.


If you see these 3 signs & need a new battery, come visit

NuWay Battery Inc.

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