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Our Corporate Controller 


 Meet Wendy Spencer our amazing Corporate Controller. Wendy has been a Controller, VP of Operations, and Forensic Auditor for nearly 30 years. With a degree from UCLA, she comes to NuWAY Battery by way of Los Angeles, CA (Gnarly, Dude!)


Wendy has spent the last 20+ years as a traveling auditor, focused on supporting various organizations in getting their "books right". Finally deciding to settle down in one place, she was happy to make NuWAY Battery her forever home. 


Wendy Spencer is always focused on the company's goals while working on strategic solutions for making the company even Greater. She's our trusted multitasking superhero mom to those who work for NuWAY and Super-Dooper dog mom to Loki and Kloi... not to mention that she has a culinary degree and tries to keep us fat and happy. :-)

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