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Regional Retail Manager ~
Rudy Marroquin

Rudy is NuWAY Battery's youngest Regional Retail Manager, Ever! No, he's not related to the owner,  he just Rocks That Hard! But not only does he supervise the other stores, he also manages our Lake City Retail location.

Rudy stepped up whenever it was necessary and even at times when it wasn't. He's very charismatic, quick-witted, funny and Great with our Customers. His even temperament, compassion for others, passion for his job, reliability, and leadership capabilities make him the best choice for the position and he makes us Proud daily.

Have a problem with any of our stores (you won't, but just in case), reach out to Rudy, he'll be there for your support!



Lake City Location

5480 Jonesboro Rd, Lake City, GA 30260

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